Quit your job in 6 months (or less)?

Buck Flogging (not his given name) has put together a course that covers the central theme of this website, which is how to make the leap from the treadmill of the modern 8 to 5 rat race, and step into the rewards of entrepreneurship.

Buck has a masters degree from the School of Hard Knocks.  If you’ve ever taken any of their courses, you know that’s a tough program.  But he’s willing to share what he’s learned about the strange and wonderful world of online entrepreneurship.

He’s learned at least as much from his failures as he has from his successes, which should be true of all of us. Buck has had his share of both, so he’s a wealth of information.

I don’t recommend many courses, but this is one you can’t afford to miss if you’re interested in making the transition to freedom.  Buck will teach you all you need to know to quit your job in six months.   Not because you’re sick of it, but because you’ve developed income streams to replace what your earning there.   You can find the Quit in 6 course  at http://quitn6.com.   You won’t want to pass this one up if you’ve ever wondered whether you could earn money online.