Skills that will earn you $1000 next weekend

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The information age has blasted open the doors to remarkable new opportunities and lifestyles.  If you’ve never heard the term “portable income”, it’s a concept that should get your attention.  A lot of your attention.  The idea that you can earn more from anywhere adds a dimension of freedom that our ancestors only dreamed of.

Thanks to computers and high-speed internet, pretty much anyone can earn money anywhere by offering their services as a freelancer from any where that you can plug in a laptop and connect it to the world wide web.  That covers a lot of territory.

As you might imagine, some skills are in greater demand than others.  Matt Barrie, the CEO and founder of, an Australia-based site, recently shared some insights with James Altucher.   James is an author, entrepreneur, investor, trend analyst, and student of human nature.  If you haven’t read his “Choose Yourself” books, you should:

Choose Yourself by James Altucher

Meanwhile, has seen amazing global growth in freelance transactions.  According to Mr. Barrie, some of the most sought after skills and services include:

  1. Video production.  There is a large and growing demand for online video content to facilitate product launches, educate customers, and increase web traffic through engaging, sharable content.  Animation is popular, and surprisingly easy to create with the plethora of cheap tools that can be learned quickly.
  2. Website development and design.  Many publishers don’t want to take time to learn or implement web publishing skills.  With tools like WordPress, and the nearly limitless templates that can be used to create professional websites in short order, this is an easy skill set to learn quickly.
  3. Illustration.  One hot niche is in children’s books.  With the explosion in self-publishing, many new authors are flooding cyberspace with hopeful new works that need art work.
  4. Photoshop photo editing and other design work.  Advertisers need well-designed layouts and powerpoint presentations.  These again are fairly easy skills to develop, if you don’t already have them.
  5. Writing.  With a growing number of online publications and the increasing prevalence of email marketing, there is a big demand for well-written articles, sales copy, and entertaining content. This is a skill you can hone with practice and online coursework.

Earning money anywhere is a worth goal if you like to travel or would like to live in an area that doesn’t have many job or business opportunities.  With the skills I’ve listed above, you can at least supplement your income.  Many freelancers are earning full-time incomes, so it’s a very realistic goal.

If you don’t have the skills I’ve listed, or you’re not confident in them, you can and absolutely should develop these and others., iTunesU, and many other MOOC sites offer online courses.  Invest some time and money in yourself, and you’ll find that the dividends are far greater than just about any other investment you can make.