Ending the commute

freedom road sign 2

Since over 70% of us don’t like our jobs, it’s worth considering a step that reduces our stress and discomfort.  Eliminating your commute might be just the ticket.

There relatively stress-free ways to work from home.  This will eliminate the cost of commuting, give you an extra hour of sleep each day, and give you more time to add other income streams.

Here are Five Ways to Work From Home As A Call Center Representative…Without Going Into Sales.

We’ll explore more work-from-home opportunities in the days ahead.  Working from home is a step on the transition to freedom, but only a step.  Since 93% of small business owners enjoy their work, and their incomes are often scalable, meaning that small business owners can increase their income by adding staff, increasing production, or adding locations.

Small business owners sell more than their time, and that’s a big step forward on the transition to freedom.